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All Maximum Rocknroll back issues from 2013 in stock are now available for only 3 euros each. It's time to update that old stack of 'zines you keep in the toilet punk! Check out the fanzine section of the webstore:

Back in stock:
PANIKOS - "The War Continues" LP (13 euros)
(Labyrinth Of Thoughts/Scarecrow/Now Or Never)
Panikos is one of the most historic punk bands of Thessaloniki with 25 years lifetime. With difficulties, large breaks in their presence, but with a remarkable activity in the last years at least according record releases. "The War Continues" is an anniversary release which includes the first demo of the band that was recorded in studio Agrotikon of Nikos Papazoglou in May 1990. The A side of the LP contains 11 tracks with a total duration of 24 minutes. Although some of these tracks were re-recorded again later, the dynamic of the first recordings remains unsurpassed. Only 2 tracks survived on a bobbin (20th Century and Nothing new), the rest were taken from a cassette, the necessary processing was done so that the sound would have the best possible result.
The B side of the LP contains the two tracks from the compilation of Villa Amalias «Disturbing domestic peace.", "The day of wrath" & "Last generation", but in the right rpms this time. It also contains "The circle of the damned" which was included only in the German compilation “Standardsituationen #3”. An unreleased track "Litany" recorded in 1998 and two recent recordings. A cover of Genia tou Chaous (Social subproducts) and a brand new track, 'Electroshock'. The mastering took place in autumn 2013 by Nick Stylidis of Labyrinth of Thoughts records.
300 copies all in black vinyl, released in February 2014. (Press release by Scarecrow records)

Coming soon:
SUPER FUN HAPPY SLIDE - "Drop Your Pants and Grind" CD
P.L.F - "Ultimate Whirlwind Of Incineration" CD
DEAD INSTRUMENT - "Violent Death" LP
PROCRASTINATE - "Subjugated Herd" CD

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All these years I was bummed that I had no pins,stickers or patches to give away with orders/purchases so I think now is the perfect time to do so. My regards to Jerboa Illustrations for the design and Pin.atubo for the fine print. 100 pieces were made and will be included in all future orders (for free of course).


Πανδημία/Pandimia - "Μοντέρνα Πανούκλα" LP sold out

The Pandimia lp is now sold out from Scull Crasher BUT the band has some copies left, get in touch with them here: pandhmia[@]gmail[dot]com

Thank you for supporting this great band, I've been getting a ton of e-mails from punks all over the world about how much they loved "Modern Plague" and it's making me real proud to be part of the release and spreading Pandimia's words and music. Thank You!

In other news, Pandimia is recording a new set of tracks for a split lp release with Era of Fear and daydreaming about planning a short euro tour sometime in the not-so-distant future.


Dysmorfic / Death On/Off - split EP

Dysmorfic / Death On/Off - split EP (SCR 014) AVAILABLE
Two great grindcore bands from Italy here! Dysmorfic have been around since 1998 with several releases and non-stop touring action (3 euro tours & 2 U.S.A tours). A hard-working band with a strong d.i.y ethic and lyrics about politics and real life experiences through a personal point of view. Death On/Off are newer band offering mad blastbeats, razor-sharp guitars and growling vocals with a twisted sense of humor in the lyrical department. This is a co-release between the following labels: Zas Autoproduzioni, Hecatombe Productions, Earthquacke Terror Noise and Scull Crasher. Limited to 526 copies with about 100 copies on yellow vinyl.